puzzle for August 14
Today's puzzle is from Will! Will posts amazing puzzles faster than I can solve them! Themed, themeless, asym, he does it all, and very very well. I'll link to this personal favorite from a few months ago. He also contributes to the Vox crossword weekly, and edits the SPYSCAPE crossword. I'm going to rot13 his constructor's notes, because they are a tad spoiler-y.
Will says: "V pna'g oryvrir abar bs gur pbafgehpgbef fb sne unir fhozvggrq pebffjbeqf gung npghnyyl unir 7 K-jbeqf. Vg'f yvxr, qb lbh crbcyr xabj ubj gb ernq vafgehpgvbaf? fzu"