puzzle for Sptmbr 3
Today's puzzle is from Ryan! He has many puzzles in many places, so I'll just link to his blog. Also, Ryan is the one that came up with the term "colonnades" for long side-by-side down entries! Legend. He posts themeless grids with wide-open centers called "Chasms" on his blog, so I think this is very appropriate wide-open layout. Happy solving!
Ryan says: "Thanks fellow "colonnade" evangelist Malaika for having me as a guest! This vowelless puzzle will likely be very challenging, so solve at your own risk 😈"
This is a vowelless puzzle-- every entry has its vowels removed. So instead of SEPTEMBER, the grid would contain SPTMBR. Also, I think it is very hard. I did not test solve it because I do not do vowelless puzzles. So, uh, may the odds be ever in your favor!!
Across answers:
Down answers: