puzzle for October 2
Today's puzzle is a meta puzzle from Brett! After solving the grid, see if you can take a crack at the meta solution. Happy solving!
Brett says: "As an avid solver of Matt Gaffney's weekly meta, I decided to try my hand at a mini-meta. In the vernacular of Matt's site, I think that for some people this will be a "Week 1", and for others a "Week 3" - it will all depend on your frame of reference. This is the first puzzle of any size that I have put out into the world, so I hope you like it. It was fun to make, and many thanks to Malaika for the opportunity. You can find me on Twitter. (I rarely tweet, but I will like all of your crossword content!)"
Edit, 10/4: Hey all, the answer and explanation are below!
Explanation: The letters in the grid spell out the word, with the exception of five Is. However, there are five references to "eyes" in the clues that stand in for the Is. The solution is also telegraphed by two references to Julie Andrews (12-across and 5-down), and one reference to Mary Poppins (6-across).