puzzle for November 18
Today's puzzle is from Jackson! Enjoy!
Jackson says:
I've decided that this still counts as the first puzzle I've ever made, despite it being the second one I made for today's entry; just because. Thank you Malaika for creating a project so amazing that it has people who don't know how to swim chomping at the bit to dive into the deep end.
November 18th is a very special day for me. It is the anniversary of me and my partner (happy one-hundred-and-eight months my love) to whom I owe my interest in crosswords in the first place. Today would have also been the 90th birthday of my grandmother, 2-Down, who died suddenly last summer from heart problems. So much of the person I am now can be traced back to my grandmother; I will always be grateful for that. I wish to humbly pass along a piece my aunt wrote honouring her life in the weeks after her death. Happy birthday Achamma! Love, Monu.