malaika, why are you making daily 7x7 puzzles?
When you make crosswords, there are certain rules you follow. (Not all of the time! But most of the time.)
These are the rules:
BUT! Let's say we do follow all these rules. Then there are exactly 312 possible 7x7 puzzle grids you can form.
312 is a cool number because it's 6 x 52. In other words, if you published six puzzles a week, it would take exactly a year to try every possible 7x7 grid. So, here we are!
There's a good write-up of the crossword puzzle problem here, and a description of how to solve it for 15x grids here.
If you want to contribute a 7x7, that would be great! Please fill out this form to indicate your interest. Once you have recieved confirmation from me that you successfully claimed the date, you can go ahead and begin constructing. The publishing timeline is available here, to help you pick the best date for you.
If you have additional questions about the project, you can contact me at sevenxwordsproject at gmail dot com. It takes me about three weeks to respond; feel free to follow up if you haven't heard from me in a while, though.
Lastly, I am excited about getting new constructors on this site! 7x7 is such a friendly size, so it's great for getting started. Here are some tips for putting together a great puzzle: